Smilla equips your cat with everything it needs for an active life. Smilla is an excellent cat food and is suitable for cats of all breeds and of any age.

Smilla premium cat food is produced under strict quality controls.

Natural ingredients, healthy vitamins and valuable taurine all provide your cat with a plethora of vital nutrients. One glance at the list of ingredients is enough – and guarantees absolute transparency about the contents of each product! And our products do not contain added sugar, flavour enhancers and preservatives.

Smilla is also ideal for sensitive and fussy cats and our wet food is completely free from grain.

In order to provide your cat with everything it needs for a healthy life, all Smilla recipes are developed by leading experts in the field of cat nutrition. Whether it is a grain-free wet food, an easily-digestible dry food produced exclusively in Germany, or wholesome snacks that you are after, every product features the very best ingredients and a nutritional profile designed to custom-fit your cat’s needs.

We cater to every cat’s tastes with our wide range of Smilla products! Feeding time is Smilla time!