Smilla premium dry food is available with Poultry, Beef, Fish, XXL-Kibble with Poultry, Kitten, Sterilised, Light, Sensitive and Urinary. Available as 1kg, 4kg or 10kg. Our grain-free wet food is available as Tender Poultry or Fish, and also as a grain-free complete food for Kitten in the following varieties: 6 x 185 g, 6 x 200 g, 6 x 400 g, 20 x 400 g; or as saver packs: 24 x 185 g, 24 x 200 g, 24 x 400 g and 40 x 400 g. Smilla Sterilised is available in a mixed pack of 12 x 85 g pouches.